Christian Fantasy

"The Times of Kerim" and "The Days of Eliora" follow the journey of two unknown characters that could have been part of familiar Bible stories. The books are written with a human realm and spiritual realm perspective.


"This book is teen fiction, but I would recommend it for any adult as well as any teen. It is thoughtfully written."

"Although written for teenagers I really enjoyed this 'good over evil' book... I must say it is a great read with eye opening surprises and highly suitable to catch the imagination of my older grand-children and also my adult friends. A very exciting story."

"I think this is an excellent book. It was gripping and insightful. It is encouraging and well written. I think this book will appeal to adults as well as young adults. The book isn't overly religious. There is fear, real threat plus love and action in this book."

"I found Katy Hollway's book easy to read and massively enjoyable... I felt that there was a personal expression of the relationship between God and the angels, and the human characters of the books, which was emotionally evocative and helped me to connect with the characters even more."

"Loved the completely fresh perspective on a familiar story and also the clever use of storytelling from the characters perspective as well as what is going on in the invisible spiritual dimension. Gripping. Highly recommended."

"It fueled my imagination and got me thinking."

"..both captivating!"

"Absolutely Stunning"