I was born in the seaside town of Brighton, England and now living in Bedford. I am married, have three children and a tail-wagging, furry writing and painting companion. I have several years of experience working with young adults in youth groups and they were the inspiration for my first book.

I love the magic of reading a fiction book that can transport me into another time, place and life. I spend my time creating those eras, destinations and realities for others to get lost in.

At present, I have two series of fiction books available.

The Remnant Chronicles: These novels follow the stories in two dimensions. The tale of the main human characters is interweaved with the angelic realm. Each book can be read as a separate story. Some reviews – “Absolutely Stunning!” “Gripping. Highly recommended.” “Loved the completely fresh perspective on a familiar story.” “Clever use of storytelling from the character’s perspective as well as what is going on in the invisible spiritual dimension.” “Really enjoyed this book!” “A great read with eye opening surprises.”

These are stand alone novels but can be read in order: The Times of Kerim, The Days of Eliora

The Compassion Series: The books in this series are based in a future time where Compassion is a Prize to be won. Some reviews - “This is a great, dystopia novel. If you like novels by Suzanne Collins, Lauren Oliver and Veronica Roth than this book is for you!” “Absolutely gripping story set in futuristic society where nothing is quite what it seems.“ “This book was spellbinding and I couldn't put it down.“

Book order: 1 The Compassion Prize, 2 The Compassion Gift, 3 The Compassion Fire

Painting and creating art is also a huge passion in my life. I love to be in my studio, stood at my easel with paint loaded brushes in hand, sometimes with music turned up loud.

I create realism, symbolic, abstract and map art in a variety of sizes. Original artwork and prints are for sale. I also create commissioned pieces. Please message me for prices. Please check out what is in the virtual gallery.

Some art reviews – “Thank you so much for the gorgeous painting. Perfect.” “It's gorgeous. I love it” “The prints look lovely! They are BEAUTIFUL.” “Your art does something profound!” “I love it” “It's absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much” “Truly cannot wait to have my Snug Room sorted for this beautiful artwork to feature!” “I am especially thankful for Katy Hollway who has just completed for me a commissioned piece.” “I LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘shelter’!!!!” “I felt very emotional....I LOVE IT!! It has exceeded my expectations....you are so gifted.”