The Times of Kerim

Bruja hunts her, hungry for power. Japh dreams of her, trusting in a promise. The Remnant waits for her. And I guide, waiting for the judgement to begin. Kerim is tired of running. She escaped from the master’s hut and has been fleeing for days. Her wounded hands ache and her weary body needs rest. She hides in the shadow of a strangely familiar rock crevice. Japh has been waiting for years to find her, but is he prepared for the perilous events that will unfold at her discovery? Is she ready to listen to me, her messenger? Is she ready to step into her destiny?

The Days of Eliora

Si dominates her, eager for respect. Caleb notices her, detecting someone unique. The Remnant shuns her. And I watch over, as turmoil encompasses the land. Eliora lives between worlds. Disowned by one and mistrusted by the other; she has no identity. Finding solace in conflicting friendships will shape her future beyond recognition. Caleb brings relief to her testing days, but can he bring startling revelation about who she really belongs to? Will she still her confusion and listen to my message? Is her heart prepared for the battle?

The Compassion Prize

What if compassion was not an emotion that evoked a response, but was a prize to be won?

57142 has only ever known the reality of Outside, the place where he has to glean a lonely existence from the discarded rubbish of Tropolis.
Everything changes when he receives the crimson Post. It invites him to the competition that is the Compassion Prize offering wealth, happiness and a place in Tropolis if he succeeds.
How could he refuse to enter?

The Compassion Prize

What if you didn't make the good choice, but made the right choice instead?
Luca has escaped the grip of Tropolis with more than he expected. But being delivered into Campion does not look like the freedom he imagined.
With a new threat from Tropolis, time is ticking for Outside. Luca must decide who and what to protect. But will he make the right choice?


A little bit about me

I was born in the seaside town of Brighton, England. I am married, have three children and a tail-wagging, furry writing companion. I have several years of experience working with young adults in youth groups and they were the inspiration for my first book. I have a degree in Interior Architecture and enjoy drawing and taking photographs.

I love the magic of reading a fiction book that can transport me into another time, place and life. I spend my time creating those eras, destinations and realities for others to get lost in.

At present, I have two series of fiction books available.

The Remnant Chronicles: These novels follow the stories in two dimensions. The tale of the main human characters is interweaved with the angelic realm. Each book can be read as a separate story. Some reviews – “Absolutely Stunning!” “Gripping. Highly recommended.” “Loved the completely fresh perspective on a familiar story.” “Clever use of storytelling from the character’s perspective as well as what is going on in the invisible spiritual dimension.” “Really enjoyed this book!” “A great read with eye opening surprises.”

The Compassion Series: The books in this series are based in a future time where Compassion is a Prize to be won. Some reviews - "This is a great, dystopia novel. If you like novels by Suzanne Collins, Lauren Oliver and Veronica Roth than this book is for you!" "Absolutely gripping story set in futuristic society where nothing is quite what it seems." "This book was spellbinding and I couldn't put it down."


Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions and requests for visits or signed books.